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2nd Shift Lead - KitchenKitchenCorsicana, TXRegularFull-Time
Accounts Payable SpecialistFinance/AccountingKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
Associate AccountantFinance/AccountingKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
Bagger Operator- 1st ShiftWrappingAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Batch Tech - Quality Assurance 1st Shift Quality Assurance/R&DCorsicana, TXN/AFull-Time
Box Plant OperatorBoxAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Brand ManagerMarketingKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
Brand SpecialistMarketingKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
CandymakerKitchenIola, KSN/AFull-Time
Candymaker- 1st ShiftKitchenAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Candymaker- 2nd ShiftKitchenAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Category ManagerWholesale SalesKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)N/AFull-Time
DishroomKitchenIola, KSRegularFull-Time
EHS ManagerAdministrationIola, KSRegularFull-Time
EHS Manager - Systems and ProcessesManufacturing/ProductionAbilene, KSRegularFull-Time
Engineering InternEngineeringAbilene, KSSeasonalPart-Time
FA Operator- 1st ShiftPack & WrapAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Food Safety and Quality Assurance ManagerQuality Assurance/R&DCorsicana, TXRegularFull-Time
Food Safety CoordinatorQuality Assurance/R&DIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Forklift OperatorReceivingIola, KSN/AFull-Time
Forming Operator- 1st ShiftEnrobingAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Forming Operator- 2nd ShiftEnrobingAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Health & Safety Supervisor- 2nd ShiftAdministrationAbilene, KSRegularFull-Time
Human Resources CoordinatorHuman ResourcesIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Industrial HVAC (Skilled Specialist) MaintenanceCorsicana, TXN/AFull-Time
Inside Sales RepresentativeInside SalesKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
Lead (Packing)- 1st ShiftPack & WrapAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Lead A-ShiftPack & WrapIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Lead B-ShiftPack & WrapIola, KSN/AFull-Time
Lead- 2nd ShiftEnrobingAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Machine Operator A ShiftPack & WrapIola, KSN/AFull-Time
Machine Operator B-ShiftPack & WrapIola, KSN/AFull-Time
MaintenanceMaintenanceIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Maintenance LeadMaintenanceIola, KSN/AFull-Time
Material Handler- 2nd Shift Manufacturing/ProductionAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Material PlannerProcurementKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
Mogul OpKitchenIola, KSRegularFull-Time
National Account Manager- Walmart SeasonalSales & ServiceBentonville OfficeRegularFull-Time
Net Weight Monitor- 1st ShiftPack & WrapAbilene, KSRegularFull-Time
OPC Housekeeping- 1st ShiftSanitationAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Part-Time Machine Operator Break Relief Crew Members 1st ShiftEnrobingAbilene, KSRegularPart-Time
QA Supervisor- 2nd ShiftQuality Assurance/R&DAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
QA Tech- 1st ShiftQuality Assurance/R&DAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
QA Technician - 2nd Shift Quality Assurance/R&DCorsicana, TXN/AFull-Time
Quality Assurance Tech Quality Assurance/R&DIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Quality Systems ManagerQuality Assurance/R&DKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
Retail Assistant Store ManagerRetailHamburg, PA (Retail Store #466)RegularFull-Time
Retail Assistant Store ManagerRetailKansas City, KS (Retail Store #135)RegularFull-Time
Retail Assistant Store ManagerRetailMerriam, KS (Retail Store #130)RegularFull-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Full TimeRetailMerriam, KS (Retail Store #130)RegularFull-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part Time RetailOwatonna, MN (Retail Store #206)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailAbilene, KS (Retail Store #109)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailMerriam, KS (Retail Store #130)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailDundee, MI (Retail Store #211)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailWildwood, FL (Retail Store #275)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part Time RetailAthens, AL (Retail Store #384)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailPigeon Forge, TN (Retail Store #433)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailDundee, MI (Retail Store #211)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailManchester, TN (Retail Store #436)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailMerriam, KS (Retail Store #130)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailLincoln, IL (Retail Store #420)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailCorsicana, TX (Retail Store #111)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailKansas City, KS (Retail Store #135)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailTriadelphia, WV (Retail Store #475)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailOwatonna, MN (Retail Store #206)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailHamburg, PA (Retail Store #466)RegularPart-Time
Sanitation OPCSanitationIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Seasonal Service - 1st shift All DepartmentsManufacturing/ProductionAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Seasonal Service - 2nd Shift All DepartmentsManufacturing/ProductionAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
ServicePack & WrapIola, KSRegularFull-Time
ServicePack & WrapIola, KSN/AFull-Time
Skilled Specialist HVACMaintenanceIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Striper Operator- 1st ShiftEnrobingAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Striper Operator- 2nd ShiftEnrobingAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
Team Leader, Category Management Wholesale SalesKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
Tool Crib Parts Room- 2nd ShiftMaintenanceAbilene, KSN/AFull-Time
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