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*Candy Maker - 2nd Shift KitchenAbilene, KSRegularFull-Time
1st Shift Box Plant LeadBoxCorsicana, TXSeasonalFull-Time
1st Shift Box Supervisor BoxAbilene, KSRegularFull-Time
1st Shift Kitchen ServiceKitchenCorsicana, TXRegularFull-Time
1st Shift Maintenance/MechanicMaintenanceCorsicana, TXRegularFull-Time
1st Shift Packer CorsicanaPackingCorsicana, TXSeasonalFull-Time
1st Shift Service CorsicanaManufacturing/ProductionCorsicana, TXSeasonalFull-Time
1st Shift Skilled Specialist (Electronic Technician)MaintenanceCorsicana, TXRegularFull-Time
2nd Shift Enrober Operator EnrobingAbilene, KSRegularFull-Time
2nd Shift Kitchen ServiceKitchenCorsicana, TXRegularFull-Time
2nd Shift M6 OperatorKitchenCorsicana, TXN/AFull-Time
2nd Shift Maintenance/MechanicMaintenanceCorsicana, TXRegularFull-Time
2nd Shift Packer CorsicanaPackingCorsicana, TXSeasonalFull-Time
2nd Shift QA Technician Quality AssuranceAbilene, KSRegularFull-Time
2nd Shift Service CorsicanaManufacturing/ProductionCorsicana, TXSeasonalFull-Time
2nd Shift Special Projects LeadWrappingCorsicana, TXN/AFull-Time
Assistant Store ManagerRetailColumbus, OH (Retail Store #101)RegularFull-Time
Candymaker- 2nd shiftKitchenIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Department Manager-1st ShiftOperationsIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Enrobing Lead- Weekend Crew 2nd ShiftEnrobingIola, KSRegularFull-Time
General MechanicMaintenanceMontrose, CORegularFull-Time
Graphic Design InternshipArtKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)OccasionalFull-Time
Health & Safety SupervisorAdministrationCorsicana, TXRegularFull-Time
Human Resources AssistantHuman ResourcesAbilene, KSRegularFull-Time
Lead- 1st Shift Moulding Weekend CrewMoldingIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Lead- Moulding 2nd ShiftMoldingIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Lead- Receiving 2nd ShiftReceivingIola, KSRegularFull-Time
LINDT, GHIRARDELLI & RUSSELL STOVER CHOCOLATES - Part-Time Sales Rep - San Francisco, CA Field SalesField (Remote)RegularPart-Time
LINDT, GHIRARDELLI & RUSSELL STOVER CHOCOLATES - Part-time Sales Representative - North Seattle, WA Field SalesField (Remote)RegularPart-Time
Maintenance MechanicMaintenanceButler, MON/AFull-Time
Maintenance SupervisorMaintenanceMontrose, CORegularFull-Time
Moulding Line Operator- 2nd shiftMoldingIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Office Assistant/Front Desk ReceptionistHuman ResourcesIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Part-time Sales Representative - Chattanooga, TN Field SalesField (Remote)RegularPart-Time
Part-time Sales Representative - Eastside Manhattan Field SalesField (Remote)RegularPart-Time
Part-time Sales Representative - Midtown Manhattan Field SalesField (Remote)RegularPart-Time
Part-time Sales Representative - North Birmingham, AL Field SalesField (Remote)RegularPart-Time
Plant SchedulerManufacturing/ProductionIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Production PlannerOperationsKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
Production Supervisor- 2nd shiftMoldingIola, KSRegularFull-Time
QA and Consumer Relations AnalystQuality AssuranceKansas City, MO (RSC Corporate Headquarters)RegularFull-Time
QC Lab Technician Quality AssuranceAbilene, KSRegularFull-Time
Quality Assurance TechnicianQuality AssuranceIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Retail Assistant Store ManagerRetailAthens, AL (Retail Store #384)RegularFull-Time
Retail Assistant Store ManagerRetailMerriam, KS (Retail Store #130)RegularFull-Time
Retail Assistant Store ManagerRetailOwatonna, MN (Retail Store #206)RegularFull-Time
Retail Assistant Store ManagerRetailHamburg, PA (Retail Store #466)RegularFull-Time
Retail Assistant Store ManagerRetailOmaha, NE (Retail Store #177)RegularFull-Time
Retail Assistant Store ManagerRetailOzark, MO (Retail Store #183)RegularFull-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailWildwood, FL (Retail Store #275)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailMerriam, KS (Retail Store #130)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailLincoln, IL (Retail Store #420)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailFairview Heights, IL (Retail Store #170)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailPigeon Forge, TN (Retail Store #433)RegularFull-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailAthens, AL (Retail Store #384)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailFairway, KS (Retail Store #144)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailCookeville, TN (Retail Store #107)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailWildwood, FL (Retail Store #275)RegularFull-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailMontrose, CO (Retail Store #106)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailSedalia, MO (Retail Store #162)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailDundee, MI (Retail Store #211)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailColumbus, OH (Retail Store #101)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailFairway, KS (Retail Store #144)RegularFull-Time
Retail Sales ClerkRetailOzark, MO (Retail Store #183)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Food TruckRetailFood Truck - Kansas City (Retail Store #462)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Full Time Updated 5.18.16RetailMerriam, KS (Retail Store #130)RegularFull-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part TimeRetailHamburg, PA (Retail Store #466)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part Time Updated 5.18.16RetailBoonville, MO (Retail Store #160)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part Time Updated 5.18.16RetailOmaha, NE (Retail Store #177)RegularPart-Time
Retail Sales Clerk - Part Time Updated 5.18.16RetailLebanon, MO (Retail Store #182)RegularPart-Time
Retail Store ManagerRetailOmaha, NE (Retail Store #177)RegularFull-Time
Retail Store ManagerRetailColumbus, OH (Retail Store #101)RegularFull-Time
Sanitation Worker - 3rd ShiftSanitationIola, KSRegularFull-Time
SEASONAL Machine Operators-WEEKEND 2nd shiftPack & WrapIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Service - Molding 2nd shiftMoldingIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Service - Pack & Wrap 2nd shiftPack & WrapIola, KSRegularFull-Time
Special Projects Lead-2nd ShiftManufacturing/ProductionIola, KSRegularFull-Time
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